Thursday, March 27, 2014 is surely a money circulation scheme

Mr Yerranna, one of the group of students from Andhra Pradesh studying in Pondicherry, wants to know whether is a scam or not. One look at the website of clearly reveals its true colours.

On the face of it, the offers colourful educational package. However, it is only a veil. Just remove the veil to know it is also a pyramid scheme. One has to become a member to purchase the package and if the member  enrolls more members he would be given nice commission. The is also one of those copycats of Amway India. The Amway offers some unsaleable wampum to its members and also offers various educational packages available in the market at throwaway price. But the whole issue revolves around only enrollment of new members. The 'compensation plan' offers good amount of commission to the members.
The members should realise that there is nothing like infinite chain and the members would be the losers ultimately.
There are already criminal cases filed against and they could not put forward their arguments effectively in the court of law. As long as the officials turn blind eye to the activities of such crooks, they continue to cheat people.
My humble request is not to fall prey to such schemes and lose your money.  

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