Thursday, March 27, 2014

Huge scam in India by

For the past 11 years, founded by Mr Pawan Malhan is selling IT educational packages through the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) format, even as the content of its courses is available on the Internet free of cost.

Some blogs even suggest that Mr Pawan Malhan was founder of a US-based MLM company SkyBiz, which was fined $20 million by the government. eBIZ sells online self-learning educational packages that contain courses on operating systems, programming languages, database and some capsules on MS Office, computer hardware and internet surfing. eBIZ nor its educational module is registered with any university or technical board; so whatever certificate is given would have little or no value in the market. 

When a person becomes an associate he pays Rs.9556 to eBIZ. To earn a commission of Rs2,000 he has to enrol two more people as his left and right legs. eBIZ's total earning works out to Rs19,112-Rs2,000=Rs17,112.The target group is the same-gullible students. Why does one have to pay for something that is otherwise available free of cost over the Internet?

This company is fooling millions of poor people and students by giving them big dreams of earning lakhs of rupees. In turn the frustrated members try to fool others by any possible even unethical means.

There are universities like MIT, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, IIT(NPTEL Courses) and lots of renowned universities providing free courses on subjects more than ebiz can even dream of.

One look at the website of this "company" made me laugh like hell. Looks like it was designed by a 5 year old...Check it out for yourself:
Some of the students who have attended his seminars have also said that eBIZ tries to "brainwash" them!!

pawan malhan

Update 05/07/2013: The so called "educationist" Pawan Malhan has started an online cloth business- Agamyafrom the huge profits which he made and he is promoting it from his "educational site" ebiz.

Indian Laws against MLM:

Read more at:

What eBIZ victims say :

Update 1: Beware! Another online scam spreading in India - Read more here.

Update 2: 11 Ebizers arrested for cheating. Read more here.
                 Dear Ebiz supporters, what do you say to this? Want to get arrested and spoil your life?

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